Stadiums converge into Optical Technology


Today’s high demand for sports live events generated from stadiums requiere the highest reliability and the most robust but flexible options in infrastructure, equipment and networks.

Increasing video transmision quality and, at the same time, reducing operations costs is the ultimate goal, to achieve it a permanent fiber optic node is deployed inside the stadium’s premises using an Outside Plant Cabinet.


Our Solution

Need for operative cost reduction in live events transmissions generated from stadiums replacing mobile units for fixed infrastructure
NEMA Class 4 rated outside plant cabinet equiped with Telecom/Data rack rails, protected air conditioning, internal prewiring, power load center, and secured locks
Adapt the solution to the limited space available at the stadium and provide flexible and reliable means for video/data/power connectivity.
The cabinet is placed at the roof top of an existing site, feeing critical space at the mobile unit parking area, the cabling is terminated at a junction box easing interconnectivity and maintenance.
Very high availability and reliabilty is a must for the services delivered.
The load center that is included enables to switch between an external power source and the emergency plant at the stadium, inside the cabinet each rack has a UPS (Uninterrupted Powewr Source) backed with batteries, one independent air conditioning unit, a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) and a locked access door.


Since August 2019, the soccer stadium known as “El Volcán” at Monterrey, NL, Mexico hosts an outside plant cabinet where the Fiber Optic Video/Data transport equipment is working permanently 24/7.
Plenty of mounting space to house all electronics
The OSP cabinet includes two 19" 60RU racks, separate section designated for batteries, two power load centers located at the exterior face of the cabinet and a junction box for cabling and terminations.
Reliable environment for equipment operation
Two independent 6000 BTU 220v air conditioning units along with 800 Watt heater-fans ensure that equipments operational temperature and humidity conditions are not affected by weather conditions.
Easy to place
As the cabinet is made out of Alumiflex it weights just 200kg empty and it measures 200x150x100 cm so it can be placed in available spots liberating critical space at the premises.
Robust and Easy to install
To ensure that the cabinet maintains highly robust through its full lifetime, it is totally assembled and fully tested at the factory then shipped directly to the premises, a crane is used to maneuver and place it at the desired spot.

Outside Plant Cabinet at the stadium.